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Automation of chromatogram Reporting

Modern LIMS include well-established modules to efficiently interface with devices like mass spec, HPLC or gas chromatograms.

However, the requirement of regulatory authorities to embed „typical“ chromatograms within the submission documentation ends-up in manual elaborative handling of output files from the involved analytical software.
With its ABSciex Analyst© interface to automatically import relevant output files (like chromatograms) into regulatory submission documents for bioanalytical and validation studies, iStudyReporter is elevating the report automation to a new level.


  • Off-the-shelf interface to ABSciex Analyst Software
  • On-the-fly selection of relevant worksheets and chromatograms during report definition
  • Full control on selected chromatograms – update with more recent version at any time
  • No ABSciex Analyst knowledge required
  • Embedding of chromatograms into Word documents as protected graphics


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